mms package on debian

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mms package on debian

Postby niersteiner » Thu Nov 08, 2007 9:41 pm


in our living room runs a mms on a fedora core 6. It is great and
my family likes it. It took some weeks to get everthing running from

Just for fun, I tried to use mms on a debian etch installation. Using
the aptitude tool I installed everthing needed. mplayer is running. xine in
working. So what about mms package . . . it needs alsaplayer and I did
not get it working. It seems that alsaplayer tries to playback on my DVB
card. This does not matter it is just a test system.

The question is: mplayer and xine can play my mp3's and at I can read that mms is using this tools. But when
I install the debian package I need this not funktional alsaplayer.


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Postby Uatschitchun » Fri Nov 09, 2007 7:29 am


None of the debs is compiled for to use xine as for 1 simple reason:
xine-audio is sometimes skipping! For to prevent this, MMS has to set another nice level for xine which needs root-rights ;(

Therefor xine was no alternative to use in environments designed for install&run

alsaplayer should use your soundcard and is doing quite nice! Did you change the audio_dev in config? It should state 'default' ...

Else you could recompile the standard-flavor with your own compile settings (ex: --enable-xine-audio !) ... see announce post to the debs here in forum

With coming 1.1.0 we have plugins and everyone is able to cook there own soup with combining plugins as one likes :P

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