new remote controll buttons and functionality

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new remote controll buttons and functionality

Postby ukasz » Fri Mar 13, 2009 11:57 am


i have noticed that ms would use a better remote controll buttons. I have a dreambox dm500s and everything is done with just a few buttons. I think it would be nice to have this kind of functionality. now mms has a lots of buttons to use. i think it will be better and a major improvement to use osd like entries/buttons rather than thousend of buttons every one for different thing.

What i suggest:
ok is just ok only one action. confirmation.
back is back/exit. not like now there are buttons back and cancel witch are both the same. it makes no sense.
info is just info. no difference between info in audio or movie etc. (correct me if i am wrong)
setup button is cool but it could use a minor improvement. in general when pressed it could jump to utilities -> options. (same for search button)
4 new multi functional buttons. blue red, yellow, green displayed in weather audio movie, search. those buttons will have different functionality depending in where you are. most pilots have those buttons and i think it would be a big improvement to mss to have those. i think that less buttons to use = more intuitive and easier controll of mms.

when in play music from hdd:
blue would be add dir to playlist
yellow play now
green playlist.

in playlist :
green remove track
blue clear playlist
red move up
yellow move down
as for save playlist i would make a new entry on top of every (osd button) playlist "SAVE PLAYLIST"

for going into playlists there can be 3 solutions to do it.
1 from browsing audio red button to jump into playlists.
2 from playlist view on top of every playlist a osd button "PLAYLISTS"
3 both above

in search:
blue delete

in movie:
red add dir to playlist
blue play movies in playlist

in picture:
blue start slideshow. it will work only when you point into a dir. (is it recurse dirs ?)

general macros (like shortcuts, global, not necesary) that you can jump from movie to pictures etc. movie audio picture weather etc. this would be configurable in file. everyone could do it for himself.

if i missed something please correct me.
Please post your opinions.

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Re: new remote controll buttons and functionality

Postby acmelabs » Fri Mar 13, 2009 6:13 pm

ukasz wrote:HI

Hello and welcome Ukasz,

I see you've spent a lot of time to understand/improve the keyboard mapping issue. I've tried this years ago with lirc.

I've set up a new HTPC with MMS the last days, and had my fun with keyboard mapping also.
The case (Techsolo TC-400) has an built in MCE remomte control, which is connected via USB and acts like typical usb keyboard (usbhid) too. My motherboard lacks completely from an serial interface, so I had no choice and had to use this remote control.

For example "Ctrl+D" is equivalent to second_action aka menu, so I've defined in /etc/mms/input/keyboard/default

Code: Select all


and so on. I've got the code from

Code: Select all

showkey -a
Press any keys - Ctrl-D will terminate this program

^D        4 0004 0x04

what didn't work for me was the "#" for keycodes. Did anybody has a working line for me?

but yes - the assignment for the keys, like you've posted, is a paint, and you made good suggestions.
Lorenzo had also a good idea which could be added to your thoughts. He proposes a translation file, which ensures, no key conflicts with
another definition somewhere else. This would definitely save me from shooting myself into my foot all the time.

We really should address this issue and put it into scope for the development of MMS version 1.2.0.

Just my two cents. Thanks


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Re: new remote controll buttons and functionality

Postby ukasz » Sat Mar 14, 2009 6:56 pm

i am verry happy that you agree with me. i am looking forward to work on this. unfortunatelly i am not a c/c++ progrrammer and i will not supply proper patch. it would be good if a developer could write his thoughts about it.

ps can't you use lirc with dev/input driver. i also have a ir pilot with ir receiver emulating mouse and keyboaard plugged to usb.

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