Add support for (S)VCDs ?

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Add support for (S)VCDs ?

Postby RanX » Mon Apr 14, 2008 8:42 pm

Hi to all !

First I posted the following issue at the german part of the forum.
In the end Roman asked me to post it in english as bug-report also.

I'm not sure wether it is a real bug which can be solved by further development of mms or if it's a general problem in the basic os configuration or even hardware.
Therefore I ask the geeks to decide this .... :wink:

At first the environment:
OS: Debian Etch
mms: v. 1.0.8 (installed by the -great !- script from mikka)
Hardware: T-Online S100 Set-Top-Box
additionally equipped with an 80GB HDD an a DVD-RW Slimline-Drive (NEC ND-6500A)

Trying to play VCDs or SVCDs I experience the following:
When I choose to playback a film from CD/DVD mms gives the message "starting playback"
Sometimes it really starts (but just for a second) - sometimes I fall back to the main menu at once.

A "mount" says that the inserted CD got mounted automatically as iso 9660 filesystem.
After the failure of playback the CD "mount" says, that the device is not mounted anymore.

The reason for this may be, that (S)VCDs do have their own filesystem, which does not correspond to iso 9660.
Therefore it is also not possible to simply "cp" the mpg-file to the harddisc and play it from there.
To do this you have to use a ripper like vcdxrip, which comes with the vcdimager-paket.
This one will add the checksums to the mpg-file ond CD
(which are left out on the VCD, to save space for a higher amount of video-data) while copying it to HDD
After ripping one can play the movie without problems from HDD.

The last part was my "quick'n'dirty"-solution.

The question is, if there's something to do in mms
or if the issue can be solved by installing e.g. SVCD-filesystem support ?

The goal ist, to just insert the disk and play the film.
Any help will be appreciated.



P.S.: As the VCD-standard is already out-of-date I don't expect it to be implemented - this is just a low priority nice-to-have

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