VLC for playing DVDs and maybe media?

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VLC for playing DVDs and maybe media?

Postby fbn » Mon Mar 10, 2008 6:27 am


yesterday I tried for the first time to play a DVD in MMS which worked, but the screen was distorted (large heads if you know what I mean).

I changed the video players from mplayer to xine and cxfe but with none of them I was able to change the video aspect so it would fit the screen (16:9 for example).

Without MMS, I'm using VLC for playing video files and DVDs because it's a great, simple and easy to use player with almost every functionality I could think of.

Is it possible to use VLC as backend player for MMS?


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Postby Uatschitchun » Mon Mar 10, 2008 6:48 am

see you other post ...

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Postby electron45 » Sun Mar 16, 2008 9:26 pm

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