Light Media Scanner

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Light Media Scanner

Postby SanzoGhenzo » Sun Mar 02, 2008 1:11 pm

It's not really a feature request, but a interesting project I want you to know of.
I didn't test it yet, but it sounds interesting!
It's Lighr Media Scanner:
Lightweight media scanner meant to be used in not-so-powerful devices, like embedded systems or old machines.

Provides an optimized way to recursively scan directories, handling the parser in a child process, avoiding breaks of the main process when parsers break (quite common with such bad libs and tags).

Parsers are plugins in the form of shared objects, so it's easy to add new without having to recompiling the scanner.

The scanner will use SQLite3 to store file-mtime association, avoiding parsing files that are already up-to-date. This SQLite connection and the file id within the master table 'files' are handled to plugins for relationship with other tables.

Applications should then access the SQLite3 database to get all the informations about scanned media. See tables and fields description at (end of the page).

Check it out!

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Postby arj » Sun Mar 02, 2008 7:06 pm

I believe this is one of the things to come out of canola. Sadly it was first released about a year or so after we did our own metadata extractor. But thanks for the link, maybe we can borrow some of the concepts.

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