Time to say good bye

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Time to say good bye

Postby magicamun » Wed Jun 12, 2013 6:35 am

Hi folks - i thought it would be a good idea to leave a message on leaving....

having stumbled over mms in February 2008 - i enjoyed running it together with vdr for quite a while. I was granted write - access to the bzr repo and i contributed useful and not so useful things. i participated in irc - chats as well as in forum - discussions. Thanks folks for letting me.
Early after joining Anders vanished - a pitty. So we were on our own (more or less) - i would like to say thank you to
Acmelabs - for his Artworl
Uatschitchun - for his endless bugfinding and package-building
and last not least:
Lorenzodes - for his "close to genius" mind when it comes to c++, threads, wrappers, classes and architecture of things etc. It was hard but fun.

As for most of us time is a limiting factor and despite my will to further contribute i have to admit that priorities shift - and work on mms and contributing to it is no longer mine - sorry for that - and i do apologize.

Work on mms 1.3.0 and any intermediate approaches for a new UI and architecture would require a larger community and more contributing people - which isn't in vicinity at all. One of the main reasons to run mms has been low requirements of hardware - with new hardware and current media-center-editions this no longer is a limiting factor (at least for me).

So - bye bye folks - excuse my abandoning.


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Re: Time to say good bye

Postby naicheben » Thu Jun 20, 2013 4:37 pm

Wenn das so unbeantwortet bleibt schäme ich mich ja fast :oops:

Lutz, I'm realy sorry to see all the people leave the project. Especially those who worked so hard on mms like you did. Thank you very much for all the work you put into this great mediacenter software. I still use it from time to time, even tried to use it on the RaspberryPi. Lets hope MMS will return from it's "Sleeping Beauty - sleep" and recover to worlds famous mediacenter (at least number two ;-) )

Alles Gute für Deinen Weg,
rock on!
mit Hellseherschein ;.)

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Re: Time to say good bye

Postby Seraphyn » Mon Jul 08, 2013 11:34 am

And I can only agree with what has been said here...

Schaffe ich kein eigenes System, bin ich Sklave in dem eines anderen. Ich suche nicht Vernunft und Vergleich, etwas zu schaffen ist meine Sache.

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Re: Time to say good bye

Postby Uatschitchun » Thu Sep 19, 2013 5:43 pm

Now, as I visited the forum again after a while, I feel a little sad ... :?

I somehow miss the compiling, testing, chatting on IRC, etc. ... it was a great time!!!

And, beeing one of the longest MMS users around here, I fear the time when I have to replace my good old living room PC with something new ... hope, someone is still there to help me getting MMS to run ;)

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Re: Time to say good bye

Postby eternauta » Tue Dec 24, 2013 3:35 am

As I see that the project is hibernating, I just wanted to say thank all of you.

I used mms with a VERY OLD dxr3 card (I didn't have any other card or money to buy), for TWO YEARS (2008-2010) as a mediacenter. No other HTPC was able to do that at the moment with this card.

I had an headless pc with torrent+rss feeds+mms running 24/7 and everything went great.
My knowledge was and still is very basic, but I've been able to follow your instructions enough to make it work, at least the essentials.

I just wanted all of you to know that your work made 2 little girls very happy, and also my wife and me when we used it.

I'm 40, I'm from Argentina.
Thank you very much!

"The only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes" -Marcel Proust.

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