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Postby acmelabs » Fri Feb 09, 2007 6:10 am

naicheben wrote::shock: NO ? :shock:
UUUUUUhhhaaaaaaa OOOOhhhhh NNNNNNooooooo *water-fall-like-tears-dropping-from-my-eyes* I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT IT :lol:

Stop grinning: I would love to do so! But I can understand your point of view.

I have a dream: I'd like to have the amarok search style as similar as possible some day. With left and right scrolling and always wildcarded. Zenega-Users have letters on ther remote, I don't. That's why an optional keymap as a graphic on the screen would be really helpful too. And letters from A-Z plus a Space aren't enough. A way to enter all chars must be found, without destroying the current input method.



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