alsaplayer does not play all mp3 files, xine does

other problems with configuration of mms

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alsaplayer does not play all mp3 files, xine does

Postby prota » Tue Nov 20, 2007 9:45 pm


experienced a strange problem with alsaplayer.

He does not play specific mp3 files. This was reproducable on another machine with the gtk version. The display only shows "no stream". I was not able to determine the specific attributes of the non playable files (cbr, vbr, abr, stereo, joint stereo, encoder type), because it seemed to be rather haphazardly. XMMS, Amarok et al played the files without probs. Googling did not give any hints.

Recompiling mms ( with xine audio support enabled did the trick without changing any configuration.

System is Ubuntu Gutsy amd64 with alsaplayer 0.99.79-3ubuntu1.

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