Issues with VLC

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Issues with VLC

Postby dereulenspiegel » Wed Aug 05, 2009 5:13 pm


I just discovered MMS and I like it. I'm trying to use VLC through the GenericPlayer plugin. But I have some issues with this. First is, that I don't know which --vout option is the best. With OpenGL HD-Recordings (encoded with h.264) run well but SD material is very "pixeled" (pixeklig in Deutsch). So the upscaling in OpenGL mode doesn't seem to be very well. But with the other settings the playback of HD material isn't smooth. I have a Athlon X2 4600+ with 2GB of RAM. So I think that HD material should run well. Under windows on VLC it does.
The other issue is, that he background doesn't turn black if the video is smaller than the screen. For example if I play a 4:3 video on my 16:9 screen. Instead I can see the MMS UI which "goes down" a little bit so there is a black line at the top and the clock (I'm using the clock plugin) is cut down at the lower end of the screen. I hope you can imagine what I mean. As output I'm using OpenGL for MMS which works fine. With mplayer I have the same issues.
Perhaps some one can give me some tips about tuning VLC so that SD material gets scaled up very well and HD material runs smooth. Thats my main goal. The issue with the background is just nice to have. Thanks in advance.

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