Resolution with LiveCD/USB

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Resolution with LiveCD/USB

Postby adcomp » Mon Mar 30, 2009 10:47 pm

Hi ..

I have my own custom livecd/usb (ubuntu) with just few applications like midori , pcmanfm , gftp , geany , mplayer .. Openbox as window manager
I made a new one (based on Jaunty) and this time I added MMS :D

I would like to have MMS resolution = screen resolution .. so I write this script (python) to change Config

* I remove 'h_res' and 'v_res' from Config
* execute this script when openbox startup

Code: Select all


# change resolution in MMS config ( for LiveCD/USB )

import gtk
import os

screen_width = gtk.gdk.screen_width()
screen_height = gtk.gdk.screen_height()

cmd = "cd /home/ubuntu/.mms;"
cmd += "echo 'h_res = %s' >> Config;" % screen_width
cmd += "echo 'v_res = %s' >> Config" % screen_height


This works fine .. but there is a better way to do this ?

Bye .. ( sorry for my poor english )

David [a.k.a] ADcomp

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