keyboard not responding while playing movies

problems with keyboard, lirc or evdev

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keyboard not responding while playing movies

Postby eternauta » Wed Apr 29, 2009 4:19 am

Hi all from a newbie

I've managed to put my dxr3 in use with mms. I'm very happy with this. Great work, thanks.

by now, everything is going very well. The only feature I'm using right now is movies (not that I don't want the others, but it takes some time to set everything up).

As I don't have a remote I simply attached a keyboard to my headless mms and control the system from it.

I'm being able to navigate through the movies and play them... but while playing mms does not pass the keyboard controls to mplayer...

so if I start one movie I have to wait to see it complete or just Ctrl+c and restart mplayer.

my /etc/mms/Config is set to
input = keyboard (only)

and I didn't edit anything from /etc/mms/input/keyboard

could you please give me a hint about where my problem resides?

Thanks a lot,

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