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problems with keyboard, lirc or evdev

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Use Scroll Wheel for Navigation

Postby dudleyperkins » Thu Jan 31, 2008 12:24 am

Hello guys,

big up for mms couldn't live without it anymore!! Am i overpraising ;-)?, okay let's get straight to the point - i'm sure there's an easy solution to my problem:

I bought me a new keyboard for my so called mms, and i wanted to use as much multimedia keys as possible. It's a Genius Luxmate 810 and this is what the keyboard looks like. There are two things i can't get to work:

1. I would really like to use the right remote control area for menu navigation. See that ScrollWhell and the "back" and "information" -button? The Problem is i don't know what to set for general,prev/next in my input-keyboard config to use scroll up and down for navigating

2. On the left remote control area there are keys for play, stop, forward etc... these keys work on my gnome audio player (banshee) out of the box, but xev doesn't show any keycodes so i don't know what to set the audio_general command keys to....
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Re: Use Scroll Wheel for Navigation

Postby acmelabs » Sun Mar 16, 2008 1:30 pm

dudleyperkins wrote:...

nice keyboard. You've would earned more feedback, if you post an image here. My only advice is also only 'xev'. But there are more experienced user in our forum, maybe they know.
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