How to test lcd output without a true LCD display

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How to test lcd output without a true LCD display

Postby hm » Fri Jan 04, 2008 12:15 am

Hello all,

I have an LCD in my MMS box (2x16) and i wanted to tweak MMS cause it had native support only for 4linesx20rows types of these displays. Also i'd like to be able to work on this whitout having to monopolize on the use of the box since it's used all the time by my family. I started to search for some kind of LCD emulator so i could work on it while using my personal laptop, which doesn't have any type of LCD. After a bit of research i came to the conclusion that the solution couldn't be easier. This goes for all those wanting to work on the LCD output capabilities and those willing to get a feel on how MMS works with it but don't have such display device.

These steps refer to a Debian Sid system.

All you need is to install the lcdproc package as if you had a true LCD installed.

# apt-get install lcdproc

After that, and although the debian package already comes with the right LCD driver assigned (curses driver), the DriverPath (path to where the drivers live) is wrong, so you have to edit /etc/LCDd.conf.

Grab your favourite line editor and search for DriverPath. Make it look like


(as mentioned in that file, don't forget the trailling /)

then just save the file, grab a new terminal and issue

/usr/sbin/LCDd -f

The -f is for the server to run in the foreground. I like it that way cause it allows me to issue Ctrl+C to stop it without messing up my terminal.

As soon as you do this you'll get a simulation of an LCD on that terminal. You can even define the size and other aspects of the display, # of columns and # of rows, colours, placement, etc, so you can test with different types of displays. Just change the appropriate values in the [curses] driver section in the /etc/LCDd.conf file.

Hope this is usefull,


note: sorry about the long post ;)

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Re: How to test lcd output without a true LCD display

Postby acmelabs » Sun Mar 16, 2008 1:35 pm

hm wrote:...
wow, didn't see the post. Cool tip. Thanks.


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