MMS-1.3.0 new launchpad and bzr address

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MMS-1.3.0 new launchpad and bzr address

Postby lorenzodes » Sat May 19, 2012 9:08 pm

In light of the total wreckage that our bug database has become, I have created a new Project for mms on Launchpad. They have a bug tracking system.

The address is:

To download the current bzr branch:

bzr branch "" mms-1.3.0

To update the upstream branch*:

bzr push lp:mms-ng

If you have the old bzr version of mms1.3.0, instead of downloading the whole stuff again, you can do a:

bzr pull "" --remember

from inside the directory of the local copy of mms 1.3.0

* So far only Roman and I can push patches into the upstream branch.

The bug database is here:

To report a bug:

This whole launchpad thingie is new to me, I hope I haven't screwed up the existing code base :mrgreen:
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